Since the age of 5, Allan has been singing.  Through the years, Allan has toured the United States, performing for fan after fan, event after event, and opened for numerous national touring artists.  Those experiences have been lived to the fullest, and now he is looking toward what’s yet to come.  "I'm not much on talking about the past.  I would rather talk about the future.  I have learned so much from the past, and I've learned many lessons.  I have so much respect for the people in my life and the musicians I have performed with, but the future is where we are headed."

Over the years, Allan has performed with Eric Church, Luke Bryan, The Band Perry, Justin Moore, Randy Houser, living-legend Randy Travis, and one of the true icons of country music, George Jones.  "Working with George Jones on his final tour, before he passed, is a moment in my life I will never forget. We all have "Choices" in this world.  Watching him sing that song live, watching him perform that song just days before he passed, is something I will never forget.  Songs have such deep meaning, and lyrics touch people’s hearts.  I have been touched by the music of past legends and current artists, and I look forward to reaching out to people with my own music and my own voice…to touch their lives." 

Allan grew up listening to all forms of music…from Garth Brooks to AC/DC, from Tim McGraw to Van Halen, and everything in between.  And even during the early formative years of his learning about music, Allan was not afraid to step up as a performer.  "One fall day, when I was in the second grade, for “Show-and-Tell,” I wrote the lyrics down to "Happy Birthday Baby," by Ronnie Milsap.  I showed the class I could write these lyrics down, and then I sang the song a cappella.  It wasn't a big deal to me, but to others it seemed like such a big deal.  Even to this day, I remember that day.  I remember the response of my friends and teacher.  It’s just something I do.  Even to this day, it’s just something I do."

In 2014, Allan signed a major management deal in Nashville, Tennessee with The M3 Agency, headed by Jennifer Rachidi.  "Jennifer is hungry.  She is a go-getter.  I'm very excited to be an artist she represents," Allan said.  Erik Halbig has signed on to be Allan's executive producer of music.  Erik has 19 years of experience in Nashville.  Erik has traveled the globe, performing for many major touring artists.  As Allan describes him, “Erik is special.  Erik has a talent for hearing music, writing music, and leading.  Erik is one of the smartest people you will ever meet.  He also has a love for music, and  he lives it out every day of his life.  He is also a down to earth person…someone that fits as a leader of my team."

Indiana is Allan's home, but the world is his office.  Allan continues to tour the nation, doing what he loves, making music. You will never meet a person that is more competitive, but with a genuine heart for people.  You will believe in the music and lyrics that he sings, and you will become a friend long before you become a fan.  Allan has a love for emotion, and he has a love for experiences.  We think you will feel both!